How can I get into the Stock Market as a teen?

The first thing a teen must come to terms with before getting into the stock market is understanding that the Market is a risky place and serious business. Some lose much of their savings due to a lack of knowledge of the Market. Most youngsters, from my personal experience (and I'm sure statistically) are very oblivious about the stock market. Therefore, I recommend teens first learn the basics about the market. This can be as simple as reading market news regularly, managing simulator portfolios or even investing low capital in the market. Yes, yes, I know - some of your parents won't let you open a custodial account or manage their accounts. Do not get discouraged, you will be 18 years old in no time. Meanwhile, familiarize yourself with the Market by investing paper money on simulators. I also recommend competitions such as the Stock Market Game and the KWHS investment challenge to compete and fully test your trading skills. I have done these competitions personally and although they placed an extra workload during my junior year, it was very exciting to work on these projects. Therefore, I highly recommend them to you too. To summarize, before investing real money, try and get an overall understanding of the Stock Market. If you are wondering where to start, you can begin with learnings market indicators and how they affect a stock price. You can find info about them on Articles >> Market Indicators.


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